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Mediation is a voluntary and confidential process.

Upon contacting us, we will briefly discuss goals and suitability. You will be asked to complete and submit an individual intake form. Separate individual intake meetings with a mediator will follow to gather history, expectations, and interests of each client as well as review the Agreement to Mediate Contract. Mediation meetings with both clients and a mediator will consist of discussions, ideas, explanation and negotiation on mutually agreed upon agenda items.

Family Mediation Services in Mississauga

Reach Mediation Inc. specializes in family mediation for separated or divorced adults and parents with children. We also assist families experiencing conflict among parents and children, siblings, grandparents, and other family members.

​We are a family-centered practice by putting the needs, participation and leadership of families at the forefront of planning, communication, values and practice.

Our family mediators are neutral facilitators who provide a structured and respectful environment for clients to exchange communication and negotiation on issues of conflict including care and parenting of the children, parenting plans, and other family issues.

Clients are able to discuss these issues as well as potential underlying factors impacting their ability to resolve disputes.

The Mediator does not provide legal services or advice, thus it is strongly recommended that clients seek their own independent legal advice.